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Overcoming Obstacles When Trying to Lose Weight

Who doesn’t want to lose weight? Do you feel as though you are on a weight loss yo-yo? You constantly lose and gain the same 5lbs?I have been in that exact same place. Yes, there’s no doubt that weight loss can be among one of the most challenging projects to take on, but it can also be the most rewarding. There is a lot to be gained through learning how to control your urges and habits. Gaining control of your eating habits is a major feat because of the availability and ease with which anyone can use food to medicate themselves, but success can be just around the corner. In the next few paragraphs you’ll learn about the biggest obstacles when trying to lose weight.

Your Attitude Is Important

You’ve probably heard some version of this a millions times, but it’s all about attitude. Your viewpoint can have a massive effect on the outcome, so it’s important to have your mind in the right place when you’re aiming to make such a huge change. Some people view diets as a quick fix for some function or event, but the most successful people who lose weight see it more as a lifestyle change that they have accepted. Losing focus can put an end to all of the positive progress that you’ve discovered, so it’s important to
know what you’re looking for, and make a decision.

It can be useful to write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight.

Are you going to a wedding and want to lose 10lbs?
Do you want to fit into that new outfit?
Were you just told by your doctor to lose weight?

Write out your main reason that is motivating you to lose weight and then apply the following steps to reach your goals.

Write down your weight loss goals

Understanding Your Triggers

When you’re making this kind of change, it’s a good idea to do some serious soul searching. Try to look at your behaviors and how you deal with food. Pay especially close attention to the things that trigger your desire to eat. Knowing these things can protect you from a sudden urge that can come in without a warning during a weak moment. Caving into weakness will leave you feeling defeated, so it’s a good idea to see what may come long beforehand.

If you find that a certain moods trigger your cravings, try to have that food item in a hard to reach place. Maybe lock it in the trunk of your car, or in your child’s bedroom. Make it a place that is not easily accessible.

If possible try not to have that food in the house at all! If it’s not available, it’s not so easy to just grab and eat it!

It’s a Lifestyle Change

While cutting down on calories and drinking more water is going to be a huge help for you to lose weight. You need to remember that this is a lifestyle change. Making any type of change requires a good amount of effort from you. You’ll want to find way to make easy changes to your lifestyle.

Get up off the couch during commercials and walk around the room.
Walk to the mail box instead of driving.
Own a dog? Become the dog walker.
Walk up the stairs instead of taking an elavator.
Walk 10 minutes in one direction, turn around and head home. That’s a 20 minute walk.

If you’re busy, you’ll need to find a way to get that physical part of the work done. Even if it’s just 15 minutes before your go to work each day.

Easy to Implement Eating Habits

Changing how you eat is another part of the process. A lot of people use food replace feeling of belonging and other things. When you get a handle on your eating, it will have longer lasting effects on your weight and health. One of the best things you can do is remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen and replace them with healthy fruits and veggies.

Eating habits

Start buying more fresh veggies. To stay on budget buy foods as they are in season. This also provides you with a variety of fruits and veggies all year long.

Short on time? Make a breakfast smoothie before you head out each morning. This is a great morning boost and it’s easy to pack in lots of nutrition into one smoothie. Put bananas and apples in a fruit basket on your kitchen counter. You may be surprised how many family members reach for the fruit instead of looking in cupboards for a snack.

Including additional fiber is key to helping you on your weight loss journey. I read this resource regularly.

It takes time to implement new changes into your lifestyle. Make one small change at a time and you may be surprised out how much healthier you start to feel in just a few weeks.

I find it helps to keep a journal of my thoughts and feelings, as well as a quick list of what I ate that day. It allows me to see what choices I made and if any of those choices were attached to a certain trigger! Try it and see if it helps you.

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