Top Toys for Kids in 2022
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Top Toys for Kids This Year

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it’s time to shop for presents. Knowing what the top toys for kids are can be a little daunting. There are so many choices out there. Plus when it comes to trends, nothing changes faster than the list of bestselling toys for kids. In the summer, your child may be asking for one particular toy, but by the time Christmas rolls around, they have their eye on something else.

It’s even more difficult if you are purchasing a gift for someone else’s child, and you aren’t quite sure what toys are the best fit for them. Here, you will find a guide that will help you pinpoint the best top toys for kids that are being sold this holiday season. We will be publishing a series of posts related to the top toys for kids in 2022.

Top Toys for Kids Christmas 2022
Top Toys for Kids 2022

Whether you are shopping for toys, based on their age group or interests, you will find something that is suitable for the kids in your life so that when they unwrap their gift, their eyes will sparkle and they will be thrilled with your selection.

Keep in mind that many classic toys will always find favor in the hearts of children everywhere. These stay on the top toys for kids best selling lists for years. But there are new releases and innovative toys that can engage and educate children in a way that has never been done before.

Top Toys for Kids – Action Figures

Action figure toys, are popular with both boys and girls, they have always been at the top of wish lists for Christmas. This year, you are going to find many different brands and shows that have action figures at the top of the bestseller’s toy list.

Paw Patrol Is the perfect action figure concept for kids ages 3 and up. You can find these action figures, along with the vehicles to go with them, for almost any character – including Chase, Rocky, Rubble, and Skye.

Kids love the recycle trucks, helicopters, official vehicles, and other toys that come with these action figures so that they can use their imagination to bring the show to life right in front of them.

Fisher-price also has popular action figures this year, including the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman toy. This robot is 2 feet tall and comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect for a superhero.

Bluey has a bestselling pack of poseable figures that the child in your life might enjoy – or you might check out the Hatchimels Colleggtibles kits that come with cartons of surprises inside.

Whether it’s a superhero or an ordinary action figure that comes with accessories, kids love being able to create their own version of the shows they’ve seen using small figures that fit in the palm of their hand.

They never go out of style, either. Even the classic Fisher-Price Little People Farm Set is still on the bestseller list, and it’s been around in one form or another for years, so the one you buy today might be a vintage collectible in the years to come.

Top Toys for Kids – Dolls and Accessories

While Barbie is still one of the most iconic dolls and is always on the various top toys for kids shopping lists. Her line it’s not the only one kids are clamoring for this holiday season. Disney princesses, such as Cinderella, Moana , Jasmine, Belle, and others are also in high demand.

If your child is a Barbie fan, you may want to pick up the Barbie Signature 2022 Holiday Doll, which includes a doll stand and display packaging for those who want to keep it as a collectible.

Doll houses are also one of the most popular purchases for Christmas Day. This year, the Barbie dream house that comes with 75 accessories, is wheelchair accessible, and includes perks like a DJ booth, pool and elevator, is one of the hottest requests by kids.

Keep in mind that Barbie fans also love the Barbie Dream Camper, which comes with more than 60 accessories and pieces of furniture as well as play areas that include a pool with a slide.

If your child loves mermaids and Kitty cats, you may want to consider Gabby’s Dollhouse by DreamWorks instead. You can buy these as complete doll houses, or pick them up as specific rooms, such as an incredible bathroom kit that has the bathtub, vanity area, and a Mercat action figure to go with it.

If your child is into fashion, you may want to pick up the LOL Surprise OMG Sports Fashion Doll that comes with the doll and 20 different surprise accessories included with it or get the LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Royal Bee doll!

Sometimes, the dolls that you see for sale will be meant for a slightly older age of child. If you have a toddler who wants to get into all of the Barbie or other dollhouse accessories, but you feel they’re too young, you might want to pick up the Barbie Little Dreamhouse by Fisher Price.

This set is perfect for toddlers and it comes with Little People that can navigate the interactive home complete with lights, music (over 45 songs) and built-in phrases. The elevator goes up and down, and the pool even lights up.

If you’re looking for an affordable, classic baby doll for a child in your life, you might want to consider La Baby by JC Toys. These dolls have a small, soft body and a removable outfit that can be washed.

It comes with a hat and blanket and is perfect for ages 1 and up. You can get these dolls in male or female genders, and you can purchase Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, or African American dolls and accessories to go with it.

Top Toys for Kids – Games

One thing many families are turning to now more than ever is classic and new board games. With the rising cost of inflation and entertainment, games allow families to connect and enjoy spending time with one another without extensive cost.

Family Time Top Toys for Kids
Enjoying family time at Christmas

Kids love to play games with their family, and you can find many of the classics on the bestseller list – from Candy Land to Monopoly, Connect 4 to Uno and more. But there are also newer games making the bestseller list these days, too.

For example, Taco vs Burrito is a card game that was created by a 7 year old, and boys, girls, and adults all love it. It’s based on the concept of a strategic food fight, but it doesn’t cause a mess in your household.

You could also find expansion packs for this game so that when and if your family needs something new, you can work that into the deck and have something completely new and different.

Another card game that is surprisingly still popular is Pokémon. Even though it has been around for years, kids continue to want Pokémon cards to collect as well as play, even though there are digital versions of the game to enjoy as well.

There are also some fun, conversational games that let you get to know your family in a fun way. For example, there is a game called, “Do you really know your family?” This is perfect for ages 8 and up, and it can bring a lot of laughter to a family get together.

If you have younger children, you may want to get something like Candy Land, or even the bestselling Disney Classic Characters Matching Game by Wonder Forge.

Top Toys for Kids – Arts and Crafts Toys

If your child loves arts and crafts, you can find many toys that will suit his or her needs this Christmas. From mess-free tablets like the ORSEN LCD Writing Tablet for Toddlers to the Light-Up Tracing Pad for older children ages 6-9, these toys can keep your kids busy without stressing you out about the mess afterwards.

There are many different types of doodle pads, including one by Bravokids and another by Crayola. Some light up and some don’t – and some simply use water to allow the kids to draw, such as the Water Doodle Mat. They each have different, unique features to keep kids entertained.

You can also find classic top toys for kids such as Play-Doh modeling clay. You can buy packages that have multiple colors, which are perfect for ages 2 and up. There are also some kits that go with these, including the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ultimate Ice Cream Truck.

Every once in awhile, a trend will emerge where children get into a phase of making friendship bracelets or other jewelry for their classmates. The Choose Friendship Bracelet Maker has 20 pre-cut threads that make it easy to craft the perfect token of friendship.

You can find all sorts of toys for kids in your life – from Rock Painting Kits to Kinetic Sand construction toys, 3D String Art and more. On the bestseller top toys for kids list, you’ll find craft toys using pipe cleaners and stickers, modeling clay and stamps.

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