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Selecting the right toys for Babies and Toddlers can be super daunting! Not because it’s not something that you dislike doing, who doesn’t love to buy toys for a baby? It’s because there can just be so much to choose from, you don’t know what to get. Use this following article to gain some tips and suggestions for buying wonderful toys for babies and those toddlers in your family.

When shopping for toys that are appropriate for babies and toddlers, you want to be careful of adhering to the safety standards in place for those age groups. Buying something that poses a danger is never a good idea.

Toys for Babies this Christmas
Selecting the best toys for babies this year.

For infants and babies, toys that solve a problem (such as teethers) are always a wonderful investment. The Smily Mia Penguin Teething Toy is perfect for ages 0-6 months.

But if you’re looking for something more educational, consider a STEM toys like the Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring. This is great for kids over 6 months of age, and it’s a 9-piece set that helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Bath toys for babies are always a welcome addition for parents who need to keep their child entertained during tub time. The Nuby Floating Purple Octopus does the job because it has Hoopla Rings that the child can toss onto the octopus tentacles.

There are many plus, interactive toys for this age group, too. For example, the Fisher-Price Plush Baby Toy is a puppy with lights and music and it teaches kids both motor and cognitive skills.

If your child or grandchild loves building toys at this age, consider the First Years Stack n Count Cups or the Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set with has over 100 blocks with a variety of shapes and colors.

Another toy for babies and the toddler age group, which is also educational and helps with a variety of skills, is the Montessori Toys Wooden Sorting and Stacking Puzzle. It has different shapes and colors and includes 20 geometrically shaped pieces.

Do you love gaming, but hate it when your little ones tries to commander the controller from you? Get them their own Fisher-Price Pretend Video Game Controller for babies. It has lights and music and helps with fine motor skills, too.

There are also bedtime toys for babies to help your little one drift off the sleep. For example, the CoComelon Official Musical Bedtime JJ Doll has a soft, plush body and can keep your child from suffering from bedtime anxiety.

If your toddler loves mimicking mom and dad doing household chores, pick up the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Toddler Toy Vacuum. They can push it around and watch it light up and play educational music in the process.

Perfect Toys for Babies – Stuffed Animals

Plush or stuffed animals are always a safe bet when it comes to buying toys for babies in your life. Boys and girls of all ages appreciate having them. There are so many options these days, too.

For the newborn baby you want to select a toy that is safe and has no parts that could come off and cause harm. Always look to buy toys for babies from a reputable brand name, and watch out for any recalls that might have happened.

You can find reversible toys in different colors, like the TeeTurtle octopus toys that go from blue to pink and back again. The blue shows a sad or angry face and the pink is a happy face, depending on what mood you’re in.

Squishmallows are very popular these days. You can get a surprise box that includes three 8” Squishmallows or buy them individuals. They come in many different styles, like the red fox with a white belly, rainbow Squishmallows, blue jays, butterflies and more – even a stack of pancakes!

Find out what shows and characters your child likes. There are Bluey Dance and Play animated plush toys and snuggly, cuddly Mercats from Gabby’s Dollhouse. CoComelon has several popular plush toys, including JJ that includes a medical kit for care.

You can also find plush puppets that they can play with and some that include both the toy and a blanket as well as other accessories. There are even plush toys with tags for kids who have sensory issues and preferences. This type could also be a great choice when looking for toys for babies.

Another fantastic choice for toys for babies and infants, would be things like an Elephant Light Up Music Toy that acts like a learning, musical keyboard. There are also sets of musical instruments, like the Kids Musical Instruments set with a wood xylophone and other percussion instruments, too.

Toys for Toddlers – Riding Toys and Vehicles

Some of the toys for babies and toddlers in this category are more suitable for the older baby. There are many families that appreciate toys that give their kids the ability to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Riding toys are often a hit at Christmas time, especially. One of the most popular toys this year is a Razor A Kick Scooter.

This is a scooter that is adjustable for ages five years and up. You can adjust it to the height of your child so that the handlebars are at the right height. It’s also lightweight and folds easily first.

Many moms and dads (or Santa!) set up a bicycles for the little ones next to the Christmas tree for Christmas morning. If your child is young, consider getting a Balance Bike to start off with.

This allows your child to gain familiarity with riding a bicycle by letting them walk and push the bicycle around as they learn to balance their body on it. And these bikes come with a stuffed animal, too.

There are also toddler bikes with four wheels that help kids train for the day when they can ride a regular, two-wheel bicycle instead. You can even find bicycles with training wheels on them that can be removed as they gain experience.

The Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike takes children from ages 2 through 9 on their journey of knowing how to ride a bicycle. Bikes aren’t the only riding toys you can get for your little ones, either.

There are scooters and wagons, skateboards and rollerskates (or inline skates). Some of the wagons can be pushed or pulled. There are riding toys you manually generate power for, and also electric vehicles that mom and dad can charge up for the kids.

Hoverboards are also popular every Christmas year – such as the Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard with dual motor and a smart, self-balancing scooter. It has Bluetooth capabilities built into it.

Another popular, new toy is the Ride On Electric Bumper Car for toddlers 1-5. This toy has built-in music and is easy for little ones to maneuver. It also includes a safety harness so they won’t fall out – and if you want to use a remote-control feature, you can do that as well.

You’ll want to get a helmet as one of the most important accessories to these riding toys. Even if your child is experienced at riding a bike or scooter, safety always comes first, and a well-fitting helmet will keep them safe.

Toys for Babies – Buildable Toys

There are some kids who will build skyscrapers and scenes out of just about anything they can get their hands on. If you have a child who loves building sets, you can find those that come built for toddlers all the way through teens.

LEGO Is one of the biggest sellers of buildable toys. They have full kits that are popular among kids. They also have individual accessory kits that are smaller and more defined. One of the most popular LEGO toys this year is the LEGO Friends Forest House Building Kit.

This is a tree house that includes two miniature dolls and a raccoon figure. You can extend the scene by purchasing an additional kayaking LEGO kit if you want to. This particular kit is perfect for kids ages 6 and up.

There are many other popular LEGO kits built around themes, such as Harry Potter, Marvel Superheroes, Dinosaurs, games like Minecraft and more. You can even find large LEGOs for smaller children to ensure they play with them safely.

Not all building toys are made by LEGO, either. There are Magnetic Tile building kits you can buy for STEM toys that are suitable for ages three and up. These come in beautiful pieces that have many shapes and often 100 or more pieces.

While some of the building kits have a specific end result in mind, you can also buy LEGO and other building sets with random pieces in it so that your child can let their imagination go wild and build something from scratch.

In addition to LEGOs and Magnetic toys, you can also find toys such as the nutty toy company’s Pop Tubes, which are perfect for sensory stimulation. Many parents of kids with autism or ADHD love toys like this.

One thing you might want to pick up if you are purchasing building toys are extra Baseplates for Legos (the foundation for the item they’re building) as well as a storage container that can place the pieces in.

Don’t forget about the classic Lincoln Logs, too. this toy is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and the real wood logs are perfect for boys and girls ages 3 and up who want to use their creative imagination to build something from scratch.

best toys for babies and toddlers in your life
Have fun with family.

Finding the best toys for babies and toddlers in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. There are different bestseller lists that come out every year to guide you in what’s selling the most so that you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a popular choice.

Be sure to read our Top Toys for Kids post as well. It will help you create your own shopping list that will cover all kinds of toys. From those toys for babies and toddlers, to the older children in your life and family.

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